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Promoting West Coast Swing dancing in the Minneapolis / St Paul area since 1996

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Above all, the word that describes Melissa is “versatile”.  She has trained and danced professionally in a wide array of dance styles, including ballet, ballroom, lindy hop, and theater arts adagio.  Her passion for variety and a balance of self-expression and partnering drew her to west coast swing, where she is ranked among the top dancers in the world - as a judge, teacher, performer and choreographer.

Melissa shines on the WCS Champion-level competition circuit.  Her proficiency in, and love for so many dance forms gives her following a chameleon-like quality. She fluidly adapts to all musical genres and effortlessly compliments every partner.

Melissa has performed in a variety of solo works on stage as well as on the industrial scene. She  served as Christina Aguilera's dance double in her music video, Candyman, . You can also watch Melissa dance on the big screen in the movie, Love N' Dancing. She has also trained in New York City and San Francisco as a singer (classical, musical theater, jazz, pop, country) and actress.

Melissa’s classes are a wonderful blend of technique, personal expression and pure joy.  We are so excited to welcome Melissa back to the twin cities.  We know that whatever your dance level, goals, age or ability, Melissa’s classes will give your dancing a boost!



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